Key Mobile Application Services

There are Hundreds Of Cloud And 3rd Party Services That Mobile Application Developers Can Leverage To Speed Up The Development And Delivery Of Their Applications. However, It’s Unlikely That A Developer Is Going To Be Able To Become An Expert In Each Of These Individual Services.Mobile Developers Should Look For A Development Environment That Makes It Easier For Them To Integrate, Use, And Consume The Most Commonly Required Capabilities Into Their Application Quickly And Easily, While Still Preserving The Freedom To Take Advantage Of The Many Individual Services Available.
1.User Sign-up/Sign-in and Management
2.Social login (Facebook sign-in,Twitter sign-in)
3.Nalytics and User Engagement
4.Push Notifications
5.Real Device Testing
6.Data Services
7.Cloud Storage
8.Real-time and Offline Data
9.Application Logic/Cloud Functions
10.Machine Learning

Alternatives for Building Mobile Apps

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